The First - straightening shampoo

January 30, 2017

It’s been a few months since I came across The First - straightening shampoo and I have very positive experience and growing number of recommendation from my clients. I think first time since the original Brazilian keratin treatment was released I found a product that really does his job.

The original treatment contained formaldehyde which wasn’t a healthy option, but effective one. Lots of clients complained that the improved version wasn’t strong enough and a lot of those product became a de frizzing systems instead of straightening.


The Firs shampoo doesn't have formaldehyde or parabens, composed by a blend of acids that bind to the simple hair proteins and its compatible wit any other chemicals. It means that the product is healthy and you don’t have to worry about using special shampoo, colouring or doing any other treatments, it will not strip the keratin.The shampoo has affinity with the keratin of the hair and promotes protein denaturation by acid and heat source. Since this smoothing process is not a continuous and does not break the disulphide bonds, it guarantees secure compatibility with other chemical processes and can be a renaturation (hair has it original structure 6 to 9 months later).


It’s a shampoo but it doesn’t mean you can buy it and just use it at home, it’s still a process that needs professional skills. The process is a little bit easier and quicker than traditional treatment.

I apply shampoo on the hair and wait 20-30 min, rinse it and than blow-dry and straighten it.


What is interesting and very innovating about this system is that you can combine The First shampoo with additional treatments to customise it for individual clients. So we have a special S.O.S spray for very damaged ends, platinum toner for blonde hair or cronloy mask for reconstruction and nutrition. It’s even advised to do the first shampoo before decolorarion, you can bleach the hair straight after treatment.





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