Highlights, baleyage, ombre, sombre or dip dye?

January 22, 2017



It’s been few years now since those lightning techniques dominated hair fashion. It is still confusing for people what does that terminology mean exactly, because there are quite subtle differences between them. When you type ombre or baleyage into google you will find very similar pictures. Every year a new names of similar style comes up making it even more complicated. Promoted by some brands and magazines like there is some new break through invention. So I have clients coming and asking for example about „bronde”, which is the funny one… brunet and blonde gives bronde. I was saying this colour doesn’t exist, it’s just silly name, and when you type into Internet you will see pictures of brown, blond, ombre and baleyage and all possible combination of two colours. So when client ask me about bronde it could be anything really, there was a few funny word creations like that which I’m not a fun of. Just to make it more clear I want to describe those techniques so you can see the difference, some looks you can achieve using two different techniques sometimes it just depends what is better for your hair texture and condition.



Well most of you know this technique quite well, lighter colour it’s applied in foils. Usually it’s done from the roots, so there is just like a shade of your natural darker colour around your hairline. The rest of the colour is a mixture of blonde and your natural or some low lights. This is not the most fashionable look at the moment, but very popular because for very dark hair it’s easier to achieve nice even blond and maintain it afterwards.



This is a French word and it means free hand painting. The result might be very similar to highlights or more like faded effect, from darker roots to lighter ends. Colour is applied on hair section without using foils, sometimes people use cotton wool or plastic see through foils. The advantage of this technique is that you can achieve more personalised look, it could be very subtle „sun kissed” blonde or quite blond „beachy” effect.


Ombre and Sombre

Another French word and it refers to hair colour fading from dark to light. So what make it different form highlight and baleyage? It usually gives us more visible roots, blonde starts around the middle of the hair length. This is more chilled look, suitable for long hair. There is few different techniques, the most popular is backcombing the roots (which gives you softer, more irregular line) and free hand painting the ends or using foils and painting on them. Sombre is a version of ombre it just should be softer, more natural look, so there is less contrast between colours.


Did dye.

This technique is about colouring the very ends, it’s usually more defined line that a graduation like ombre. You can bleach the ends blonde or any other colour, it’s very popular to put some crazy colours on pre lightened bottom. It’s quite popular among young girls and celebrities.


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