Platinum Blond

January 15, 2017


Each of us has a stage in life when we want a dramatic look change and one of the first ideas would be to go from dark to blond. Before you decide to do it, you should prepare yourself mentally as it’s not always that easy. If you are naturally blond than it shouldn’t be very difficult, but if you are naturally dark tone or you dyed your hair dark, than you have to be aware of few things. First of all it can be a long process, up to 6 ours in the salon, usually it requires few applications, secondly it’s not cheap and at last it will cost you the condition of the hair so be prepared to go for shorter hairstyle.



Going platinum it’s quite a strong look, consider that you might need to change your make up habits and make sure that the tone of blonde will suite your complexion. There is a lot of blonde shades, gold, pearl, silver, you can change them each time you redoing your roots and see which one is the best for you or just trust the stylist. First time probably you will have at least 2 bleach applications, first one on the ends, second on the roots and the ends again. This is because ends take longer to go lighter, especially if there is any dye from the past, roots lifts easier because usually it’s just your natural colour plus the heat from your body boost bleaching process. After you achieve the required level of lightness your hair are very gold, this is because yellow pigment is the biggest and hardest to get rid of so to achieve nice cool shade you have to balance it using blue or purple. That’s what toners are doing to your hair, they supplement pigments and gloss to close the cuticles and finish the process.



This is very important part of being blonde, you should follow those rules to make sure your platinum always look fabulous. You should refresh your roots every 4-5 weeks, if you leave it too long you might get „bending” effect, you will see slightly darker shade between roots and previous colour. Another option if you can’t visit hair salon so often is to do highlights, than the roots line is not so strong and you can get away with fashionable darker roots look. You should buy a good treatment and use it at least once a week, it can be protein mask or one of sulfate bonds fixing treatments (like olaplaex). For every day you should use moisturising shampoo and silver conditioner to top up purple pigments that fades from your hair. You will  find a wide range of cosmetics with platinum reflex, shampoos, conditioners, masks, leave in conditioners and even some styling products.

London hairdressers have quite a challenge in multicultural capitol, Asian and African hair are much more resistant and darker than European, but still possible to achieve perfect platinum blond.


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