London Hairdresser

January 9, 2017

What does it mean to be a hair stylist in London?

Being a London hairdresser puts you on the pedestal. Lots of famous names in hairdressing world comes from London. People all around the world comes here to be trained in the academies. The schools are firmed by well known stylists and brands, they established certain quality level and a style. Coming to this City means that you have a lot competition, but you can learn a lot and also it can stimulate your ambition. 



London as the most multicultural capitol of Europe gives a various inspirations, middle eastern, Asians and Africans cultures mixed wit European, but the metropolis itself dictate a certain style. This city belongs to the people of success, who are always active, running their lives between the office, home and social events. They need to look stylish and elegant. On the other hand you have „young”, creative people who like to demonstrate their individuality. Whoever you are the look is important here more than anywhere. Art galleries, fashion shows, concerts, parties or even just a street are the places where you can find inspiring people.

The only thing you have to do is to be open and absorb.



Being so close to the fashion industry gives you the opportunity to work with fashion and be a part of it. You can work on the photo shoots, fashion shows, movie set, it all happens here. There is lots of possibilities and you can decide how you wanna direct your carrier. I was very excited about all that when I moved to London and I had a chance to try it. Now I know that it can be a lot of fun but I wouldn’t like to do it full time. Working as a stylist, running my own business and doing something off salon from time to time is a perfect balance for me.

There is as well possibility to work as some celebrity private stylist or and educator for academy which gives you another perspective of being London hairdresser.

I like the fact that I can choose my way and that I can always find people who will show me and teach me something new.



Districts o London are contrasting, each of them is filled with different crowd. In quiet Hampstead you can expect mostly families with children and quite wealthy people, in Camden parties and rock’n’roll heritage attract the funky people, Brixton is dominated by hip hop culture, Shoreditch full of artists and so on. Being aware of that you can choose what part of the city you want to join. Monument is for business people, which I’m proud to be part of at the moment. Diversity is one of the main adjectives when you think about London and that is what makes me excited about working here.


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