Men's hairstyles 2017

January 2, 2017

Try new things.

Men’s hair trends get more exciting since last year, slick and tidy hairstyles are going to the past, now men are more open for individual style. I think the first time we have so much diversity, everybody can find something that’s suited their style and is trendy at the same time. Gents are much more open to try new things, people from the products industry are whispering that men’s section is significantly growing from year to year.


Long hair.

That’s a strong and very visible on catwalk trend. It feels like it goes along with 90’s inspiration that designers are using often now. A lot of models wears now mid length or very long hair. Takes time to grow and then to maintain them but young men are more aware and willing to spend some time on conditioning and styling. Men’s long hair shouldn’t  look too tidy anyway, straight or curly, with mid parting or tied back, there is few options but simplicity is the key to keep it look masculine.



Fading is still in, nicely done always look cool. As the side are short you can show some creativity on the top, is popular to enhance natural waves, curls instead of straightening. Lots of volume and messy, frizzy texture with matt or shine finish.


Shaved head.

Opposite to very long hair, we have on the catwalk shave heads as well. Bad boys don’t care about the hair, if you wanna look masculine, shave it all off. 



Facial hair is still popular but this trend evolves. We have more products and more qualified barbers now than a few years ago. Wild, untamed beards gone to the past, now you should keep it emphasized and formed with precision and considering your face shape. Another option is moustache, with a growing popularity in street style and even in men’s runway and editorial trends, facial hair has reemerged as a novel and free accessory.



Young men like to experiment and don’t hesitate to use the bleach. It’s an easy way to change your look you just have to find the right tone for yourself it has to be done professionally. It needs a little bit of effort to maintain, but there is a lot of toners and shampoos helping to keep a nice shade. Many men make the mistake of thinking when they color their hair, they have to go all out and look completely different, but the truth is even adding small highlights can make a big difference without looking too ‘out there’.




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