Hairstyles 2017

December 27, 2016

There is a lot trends going on now, I will just highlight the ones I think are outstanding and characteristic for upcoming year, so if you want to be on top you should have those styles in mind.

Analysing what is happening on the streets of London, covers of the magazines and pictures from the fashion shows here is few trends.


Blonde. The amount of bleach I’m using recently is extraordinary. It’s nothing new comparing to the previous year, but tendency is to go lighter and lighter. The only what can stop you is the condition of the hair, but we have now Olaplex and other similar treatments which allows you to extend process of bleaching without critical damaging them. The shades of blonds is many, I would say it should match to your tone skin really. Don’t be paranoid about your roots, they are rather likely to be exposed now.


Headpieces. From a simple piece of string to a big jewellery pins. This trend has a real potential to show you individual taste and personality. There is plenty of accessories that designers are putting now on the heads of models. There is really no limits, only your imagination.


Waves. As a hairdresser I tend to check clients natural hair shape and encourage them to embrace and follow the natural movement of the hair. Lots of people have this natural wave and doesn’t even know about it. You just need to acknowledge how to style them and what products to use to achieve really cool and fashionable look. The waves are still in, messy, or slick texture always is good. If your hair are completely straight, there is a few curling tools and crimpers to try.


Braids and plats. Nothing new but this trend is evolving, it’s not about simple plat anymore. Now is more about creating unique structure with different size and style braids connected to each other or combined with some strings or jewellery pieces. Designer are using this style to show modern confident woman.



Slick. Wet and shiny looking hair are dominating on the catwalks now. It can be flat shiny and very elegant, hairstylists sometimes create the shapes almost like sculpture helmets. It can be messy fresh, beachy look as well with some volume and natural wave . Either way it’s always sexy whenever it’s posh or sporty version. That’s one of my favourite looks, there is lots of ways to create it, usually you have to mix a few products like oil, serum and mousse.


Ponytail. The new way to wear it is to keep it low. Reinvented ponytail will have some accessories, like strings, colourful elastics, ribbons. With deep side parting or all the way to the back, very sleek.

With, plats, braids, buns or some extra layers of hair, there is many capabilities.


Very short. It’s more really about the styling than haircut at the moment. It’s fashionable to have them long or shoulder length, not so popular to go short but if you go short than is should be very short.

One length with a lot of texture or funky colour or more classic pixie cut. With the right face features will look stunning.


Colours! Changing colours for lighter it’s not enough, there is so many shades in the rainbow, actually why not having a rainbow on the head. The process is still quite complicated, you have to bleach the hair to achieve any of those bright colours, they don’t last long so it take a lot of effort to take care of it, but girls are more aware about it and decide more often to go this way. It’s a statement of being young, open minded and fun personality .There is lots of techniques and colours to try out.








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